Time To Upgrade Your Air Conditioning?

Summer in Upstate NY can be gorgeous – and hot! If your current air conditioning is no longer up to the task, you may be considering an upgrade. One option is a ductless mini-split system, great for homes or businesses looking to modernize to a non-ducted system. Similar to an air-source system, a mini split system includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit with compressor and condenser. Unlike a standard air-source system, ductless heat pump systems offer you the added benefit of heating capabilities during the winter.

We know how important it is to feel comfortable in your home climate. At Northern Heating and Air, we have the knowledge, experience, and the right team to provide the sales, service and maintenance you need to keep your home or business safe and running smoothly. (Visit our Specials page for coupons and special offers.)

5 Smart Reasons To Choose A Ductless Heating & Cooling System

1. Easy installation

Why not go ductless? In contrast to window units, ductless units require only a small hole to be drilled into the wall, making them less exposed to air leakage. They are easy to install, and we can even have you up and running in one day.

2. Flexibility and low noise levels

If you’re tired of trying to look out your window past the air conditioner blocking your view, a ductless unit relieves you of that unsightly scene. Ductless heating and cooling pumps are convenient in size, and offer flexibility for heating and cooling of your home and business. These systems can be installed on practically any wall, and feature low noise levels when compared to other systems.

3. Saves Energy

Because the mini split system is ductless, it does not have the same level of energy loss as a central air conditioning system. Since duct loss accounts for more than 30% of energy utilization, a ductless system can undoubtedly be more capable in saving energy when compared to an average central air conditioning system.

4. Saves Money

A ductless heating and cooling system costs less to operate when compared to traditional heating and cooling methods. Efficiency, upkeep and maintenance on the system makes it a smart buy for home or business owners looking for a quality, affordable alternative.

5. Cleaner Air

Allergy season is upon us, so air quality is a definite factor when choosing your cooling system. Ductless heating and cooling systems break down allergens like pet dander and dust mites, along with decreasing odors, improving air quality and providing you with a healthy environment.

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