HVAC Home & Energy Information Resources

HVAC Resources & Energy Information Browse these HVAC home and energy information resources to help you maximize your energy savings, improve your indoor air quality, and understand the value of your HVAC home improvements. Northern Heating and Air in Queensbury NY offers customers premium customer service and superior workmanship throughout the Warren, Washington, Saratoga tri-county [...]

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Remove Cigarette Smoke Odors From Your Home

Can You Remove Cigarette Smoke Odors From A Home? Whether you’re a longtime homeowner or are still shopping around for a brand new house, odors matter! One particular odor prone to permeating and lingering in a home: the smell of cigarette smoke. Both indoor cigarette residue and smoke from other sources can cause odors to [...]

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Home Humidifiers

The sudden drop in temperature during the winter months is never unexpected, but can cause the humidity levels inside your house to veer from pleasant to stifling. Home humidifiers are a great way to control this. Humidifiers are designed to add water or moisture to the air indoors in order to prevent dryness from causing [...]

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13 Everyday Energy Wasting Habits

Some of the biggest energy-wasting habits we practice at home may seem minor, but combined they can add up to some serious energy waste. Here are 13 everyday energy wasting habits that can make a difference in your home energy usage: 13 Common Everyday Energy Wasting Habits 1. Leaving the lights on The simplest of [...]

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Indoor Air Quality During Covid-19 Pandemic

Indoor Air in Homes During Coronavirus We have all been spending a lot of time at home. As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues into the autumn season, our homes remain the safest place to be. Indoor air quality during Covid-19 has become an important - if not critical - consideration for home and business owners alike. [...]

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Northern Heating & Air: What You Need To Know!

Get To Know The Northern Heating & Air Difference Northern Heating and Air is a local heating and cooling company in Upstate NY that is dedicated to serving the needs of our neighbors, friends, family, and business communities. We have built our business on quality products and services, and building relationships with our valuable customers. [...]

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Houseplants and Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Houseplants & Air Quality Do houseplants and indoor air quality go hand in hand? Houseplants add to the aesthetics of our homes as well as help in reducing our stress and elevating our moods and energy levels. Studies have shown that we work and study better when in the company of plants. In winter, [...]

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Top 5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner, you love your pet. They are part of the family. But unlike the rest of your family members, they have one feature that no one else in your family has. They are covered head to toe with hair - lots of hair. Short of completely shaving your cat or [...]

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5 Home Heating & Cooling Myths

Home Heating And Cooling Myths These 5 home heating and cooling myths can cost you if you don't know the truth. Not only can you reduce energy, increase efficiency, lower cost. but increase the air quality and comfort in your home. Let Northern Heating & Air keep your home or business comfortable and efficient. Schedule [...]

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Is Your HVAC System Ready for Any Temperature?

Wind Chill vs. Heat Index When the weather changes and it’s time to set your heating and cooling systems for optimal comfort, the actual forecasted temperature isn’t the only number you should be mindful of! It's time to check to see if your HVAC system is ready for any temperature Mother Nature cares to offer [...]

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