Why It’s Important to Have A Home Humidifier

Seasonal changes in the air begin almost imperceptibly. We are not talking about the air outside your home, but inside your home. As autumn descends and the days get cooler, your HVAC system begins to run. Maybe not every day at first, but eventually consistently as winter sets in, which is why it is important to have a home humidifier as the cooler North Country air settles in. (Read our Top 5 Fall Maintenance Tips blog here!)

For homeowners, the change of seasons brings changes in indoor air quality as well as indoor humidity levels. What happens when the air in your home is too dry? We are all familiar with the close cleaning static electricity, but there are many other symptoms of dry air in your home:

  • At first you may notice a little dryness in your skin, maybe a bloody nose or two. Your sleep may be affected as well.
  • For some people who are significant currently affected by dry air, even the common cold can produce symptoms exacerbated by dry air.
  • Loosening of wooden framing in your home such as floorboards, wooden doors or windows. As wood dries and shrinks, It can create gaps allowing cold air to enter your home, And those stairs may suddenly get creaky
  • Electrostatic electricity results in clothing that clings, carpet that gives you shocks, and and the cause of shocks, and can have a serious negative effect on the electronics in your home
  • If you have antiques in your home, dry air is damaging, causing brittleness and a breakdown in certain types of papers and fabrics. It can also affect artwork and fine wooden furniture.

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Dry air can also make your home feel cooler, resulting in increased thermostat temperatures and additional heating costs. A quality whole house humidifier provides a consistent, comfortable humidity level throughout your home all year long. Whole house humidifiers not only help you breathe easier, but are extremely affordable to run.

Contact the experts at Northern Heating and Air in Queensbury for more information about how a whole house humidifier can increase your comfort level and decrease your energy bills! From installation and maintenance of home heating systems, to water heaters, boilers and smart thermostats, our HVAC experts work to make your environment and indoor air quality the best it can be! See our service areas, and call us today at (518) 745-0401 to schedule your appointment!

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