Upstate NY Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips for your heating systemIs your heating system ready to go this winter?

When the first cold weather hits, these top 5 Upstate NY fall HVAC maintenance tips will help you be sure that the heating system will 1) turn on and 2) be operating efficiently so you do not have unexpected costs and headaches later, not to mention chilly nights.

Fresh Filters

Dirty air filters can greatly reduce your system’s efficiency and increase your energy costs.

Check the Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is reading the correct temperature, then set it to at least 68 degrees for the winter (each degree higher will add at least one percent to your energy costs). Consider installing a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one to save even more energy while you’re at work or sleeping.

Inspect the Ducts

Listen and feel for any air escaping from your ducts that should be going into your home. It is always a good idea to schedule a professional inspection every few years to be sure your ducts are completely airtight.

Make Sure Airways Are Clear

Vents should be free of dust and pet hair. If you have radiators or baseboard heating, remember that furniture placed directly in front of the heating elements can keep heat from circulating throughout the room.

Schedule a Preventive Maintenance Check

A professional inspection and tune-up will make sure your heating system is clean and that all parts are in good shape and operating at maximum efficiency. It also helps to detect any small problems before they turn into big ones, and that you remain comfortable throughout the winter.

For more Upstate NY Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips, or to schedule an appointment today, call (518) 745-0401 for details. Be sure to learn more about Northern Heating and Air Comfort Club.

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