UV Lights and indoor air quality
Maintaining constant quality indoor air is no walk in the park. One has to ensure there is constant air flow within the indoor environment and that indoor insulation is up to par. The truth is, we cannot always be a hundred percent sure that we have quality indoor air at all points in our living. This is why UV lights and indoor air quality are increasingly becoming popular in the control of air quality in our homes, offices or business premises.

UV lights have a specific and special quality to them; they are able to destroy pollutants in the air by demobilizing them. Such pollutants include mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses. While our air conditioning systems are effective in controlling pollutants like dust and debris from aging parts of the house, they have no control over these disease-causing allergens. Fungi or bacteria can easily pass through the AC ducts and will always be present in the air we breathe; if it’s not the bacteria themselves then it is their microbe particles or by-products we have to deal with.

UV lights were recently considered a possible solution for indoor air quality control by the US Facilities Standards for Public Buildings. Germicidal UV lights have been deemed ideal for use in areas where high control is needed against germs; this includes hospitals, food processing plants, schools, laboratories, public areas and corporate offices. The UV lights are highly effective in destroying the DNA structure of the allergens, hence destabilizing them.

UV lights are used as a core component in UV air cleaners to provide a clean environment for asthmatic patients. Additionally, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has greatly reduced tuberculosis attacks through air-born allergens. For residential homes or smaller environments, the UV lights have been employed in two different ways to control indoor air pollution; through UV lamps and in-duct UV germicidal irradiation.

UV Lights have proven effective in indoor air purification and help fight diseases like asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory allergies. On a wider scale, UV lights are now being used to control serious air-borne diseases like H1N1 (Bird/Avian) flu and in the control of bioterrorism.

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