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HVAC Services in Upstate NY!

Northern Heating and Air in Queensbury NY is ready to take care of all your heating and air conditioning needs, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our HVAC services include air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats and boilers for residential and commercial services.


Worry-Free Maintenance

Home Comfort Plan members enjoy priority scheduling for all repair and emergency calls, and a 15% discount on all repairs. Service call charges are discounted by 50%, which means you never have to pay overtime rates. Our Home Comfort Plan members also receive annual maintenance visits on their HVAC equipment to help prevent unexpected breakdowns.


Our Difference

We pride ourselves on our prompt & dependable service, highly-skilled professionals, clean and friendly technicians, and our competitive fixed rate pricing. You are our number one priority and we are determined to provide an experience that exceeds your expectations and solves your HVAC needs.

Heating & Air Conditioning Queensbury, NY!

Northern Heating and Air is the locally owned and operated residential service division of Northern Mechanical Services, Inc.

For over 25 years, Northern Mechanical has forged a reputation of quality and superior workmanship throughout the tri-county region.

Safety First! At Northern Heating and Air, safety is always our first priority. If you notice any of the following, please leave your home immediately and contact your utility company and/or your local fire department before contacting Northern Heating and Air:

• Strong gas or fuel oil odor
• Smoke coming from equipment
• Flames coming from equipment
• Smoke detector alarming
• Carbon monoxide detector alarming

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Northern Heating and Air is proud to offer true 24-hour emergency service, so someone is always on call to help, no matter what time of day – or night – you may need us.

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Existing Home Comfort Plan members are invited to refer a friend or relative for a reduced cost tune-up and equipment inspection under our new customer loyalty program. It’s our way of introducing someone you care for to our world-class level of service excellence.

“Chris is excellent. I would be happy to have him work in my home any time.”

Joe P. – Glens Falls, NY